About Us

Défilé à Paris is a unique fashion platform for talented designers. Our main purpose is to preserve a countries’ cultural heritage by promoting it’s best fashion designers, their uniqueness and creativity.

Founded and runned by eminent people who have been in the fashion industry their entire life, Défilé à Paris will become a great platform for any designer who decides to showcase their collection through a runway show or a presentation.

The president of Défilè à Paris is Svetlana Horvat, who with her almost 30 years in the fashion industry has many accomplishments under her belt. She is the founder of Serbia Fashion Week which since 2013 has become the 5th biggest in Europe with 30 000 visitors each season. She is also the president of the National Chamber of Fashion of Serbia, she is a member of the Presidential Board of the European Fashion Council and member of the Expert Board of Fashion News Live TV Los Angeles. For her management work, Svetlana Horvat has received numerous awards at home and abroad in the past 3 years, and the last one in the series is “Lady of the Year 2019” in her country.

Svetlana Horvat has devoted her entire life to fashion with over 20 years as a fashion designer, and has been working in fashion management for the last 8 years. During her career as a fashion designer, she worked with fashion houses as well as her own collections, for which she received the most prestigious awards both in her own country and abroad.

In 2016 Svetlana Horvat received an invitation to be guest as a non-political personality at the famous “Prayer Breakfast” with the former US president Barrack Obama in Washiongton DC. (Pictures)

Since its inception, Serbia Fashion Week with Svetlana Horvat as its president, has signed 31 international partnership and cooperation agreements, with 31 fashion weeks from Europe, Asia and America. With NYFW, they have made an exclusive partnership for 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe


Svetlana’s friends are great names from the fashion world and participate at the Serbia Fashion Week and she is personally supported by Anna Fendi, Patrizia Gucci. Thierry Mugler also had his own fashion show on Serbia Fashion Week 2018.

Important names from the fashion world love and support us:

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Anna Fendi , Patizia Gucci, Donald Potard , Rocco Galioti , Jean Paul Gaultier , Kenzo Takada , Bet Dito. ..

Anna Fendi & Svetlana Horvat

Kenzo Takada & Svetlana Horvat

Svetlana Horvat & Jean Paul Gaultier

 Svetlana Horvat & Patrizia Gucci